Earn BAT while browsing

The Brave Browser allows you to earn extra Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) by seeing Brave Ads, becoming a Brave Creator, and referring others to the browser.

Based on exceptionally strong fundamentals and the potential for massive price appreciation in the coming years as a result of increasing adoption and expanded use cases, the Basic Attention Token is a cryptocurrency that you must, or at the very least should aim to accumulate as much of as you can now while the price is still relatively low.

Besides investing in the token on exchanges, which appears to be becoming easier by the day as the token is now listed on almost every major cryptocurrency exchange, you can earn extra $BAT by using the Brave Browser in one of the following ways:

1. Viewing Brave Ads will earn you a Basic Attention Token.
2. Signing up as a Brave Creator will allow you to earn Basic Attention Tokens.
3. By spreading the word about the Brave Browser, you can earn Basic Attention Token.

Let's take a closer look at these three (3) methods for earning more Basic Attention Tokens.

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Acquire Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) by taking a look at Brave Ads

First and foremost, you'll want to download and switch to the Brave Browser as soon as possible.

Congratulations on a job well done on installation. You will now be compensated for your attention and time spent on the internet while using the Brave Browser, in addition to benefiting from a safer and quicker internet that saves you money by consuming less data on your device.

Brave Ads are not only more pleasant and less obtrusive, but they also ensure that not a single byte of your data leaves your computer or smartphone — the entire ad matching process takes place completely on your device, ensuring that your data remains yours. Brave places a high value on protecting your personal information. According to your browsing history, Brave Rewards determines which advertisements to display; yet, the entire accounting process is absolutely anonymous.

You can sign up to watch Brave Ads right from your Brave Browser settings, and you will be compensated (usually around 0.1 BAT) for every single add that the platform serves to you as a Browser notification – an amount that is estimated to account for approximately 70% of the ad revenue generated by advertisers.

More crucially, you may choose how many of these advertisements you prefer to watch per hour, and Brave will not display you any more advertisements than you are willing to see.

In the end, if you use the Brave more regularly as your primary browser, you might earn up to $5 or more in Basic Attention Tokens per month for doing nothing more than surfing the internet better than you have been doing over the past many years.

Become a Brave Creator and earn Basic Attention Tokens by completing the registration process.

Do you have a website, a YouTube channel, your own publication, a Twitch channel, a Vimeo channel, a Twitter account, a Reddit account, a GitHub account, or a combination of these? If you answered yes, Brave Rewards can assist you in earning even more money for doing what you do best while also receiving your fair portion of internet and advertising revenue.

By becoming a Brave Creator, you will no longer be reliant on advertising money to support your work; instead, you will be compensated directly by your audience for the material you produce.

What is Brave Rewards for Content Creators and how does it work?

A system that allows internet users to tip (or just reward) their favorite content creators with the BAT they have earned by seeing Brave Ads is known as a Brave rewards program. With your Basic Attention Tokens, you can anonymously support the websites that you enjoy visiting and that you find valuable.

With Brave Rewards, your browser keeps track of how much time you spend on each site you visit and distributes a monthly BAT payment among the sites that receive the most of your attention.

"You may help content creators by making a monthly contribution to their account. It's our way of expressing our gratitude for the excellent content they produce on a consistent basis. Creators who have been verified are compensated for their contributions during the first week of each calendar month." ~Brave.

What is the Brave Rewards Program and how does it work?

Users of the Brave Browser can earn BAT by opting to watch Brave Ads.
Your readers, subscribers, and fans on your different social media channels reward you with your BAT (Best of the Web). Depending on the circumstances, this might be a one-time donation or they could set up a monthly recurring commitment to support your work
Each month, you will receive your tokens. Brave has paid for this.
However, in order for this nice thing to happen to you as a Brave Content Producer, you must first register as a verified content creator with the Brave Rewards Program by following the instructions here.

Installation of the tip buttons is as simple as installing a simple plugin on your WordPress website or entering into your video channels or Twitter account using your email address and password and granting Brave Access to these accounts in order for Brave to install the tip buttons on your behalf.

Earn Basic Attention Tokens by promoting the Brave Browser to your friends and family. 

Some of us are lousy salespeople who make our livings from commissions and bonuses for the wonderful items we suggest and share with friends, strangers, and even enemies — it's how we pay our bills.

Introducing Brave to your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and, of course, complete strangers will win you additional Basic Attention Tokens. I'm confident that they will thank you for informing them of the advancement in the game.

Brave pays anything from $1 and $7.5 for each person that downloads and uses the Brave Browser on their devices, depending on their location or country. Check out this page to see how much money you can make per user you recommend dependent on their region and nation of residence.

As a result, only verified creators and publishers who wish to refer their audiences to the Brave Browser are able to utilize the Brave referral program. Anyone with even a Twitter account has the potential to become a creator, so there should be nothing stopping you from getting started right away.

In conclusion, and by the way, what exactly is Brave? 

Brave is an innovative digital advertising and rewards platform co-founded by the inventor of JavaScript and co-founders of Mozilla & Firefox that rewards users with the Basic Attention Token for choosing to view Brave Ads. Brave Ads are advertisements that are displayed on websites that use the Brave browser extension.

Brave is a privacy-first browser (it by default bans all third-party adverts and trackers), a super-fast and low-cost browser (it uses 60 percent less data than other browsers), and it rewards users for their attention.

What additional opportunities do you have to acquire more Basic Attention Tokens? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments box below; we look forward to hearing from you.