Exoclick Review: Factsheet, Overview, Benefits, and Drawbacks

For many of us, Adsense is the best ad network we've heard of so far. However, as you are aware, there are always alternatives, such as exoclick, that you can use instead.

AdSense alternatives, in my opinion, should make a big splash, perhaps as a simpler, more profitable, and more trustworthy ad monetization partner. This is what I believe they should do:

There are some interesting tools for people who want to make more money from ads while they're here. By the way, Let's talk if you want to use cutting-edge ad serving technology while learning about ad operations in a fun way!

Let's return to exoclick:

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Factsheet on Exoclick

  • In 2006, it was founded. 
  • CPM is a supported model.
  • English is the supported language. 
  • Reporting: Insights in real time and advanced reporting 
  • Website: https://www.exoclick.com
  • $156.0 million in revenue (2020) 
  • Employees: more than 100

Overview of Exoclick

ExoClick is a major ad technology business that offers monetization options for both advertisers and publishers. It functions as both an ad exchange and a network.

ExoClick's Ad Exchange product, in collaboration with other DSPs and ad networks, assists publishers in monetizing their traffic within ExoClick's ad network.

Exoclick serves more than 8.5 billion geo-targeted advertising every day as an Ad Network. These advertisements are distributed to a global network of 65,000 mobile and website publisher platforms.

ExoClick's patented platform provides 20+ ad formats, optimal targeting and behavioral retargeting, access to big data analytics and strategic analysis tools to further boost ROI, data update every 60 seconds, day parting, and 24/7 customer care. Our platform API enables developers to design custom software add-ons for our platform's programmatic procedures.

Exoclick Review: Key Benefits

  • Complete control over ad CPM rates. 
  • Simple approval procedure 
  • Global coverage. 
  • Simple Approval 
  • Constant Earnings Appropriate for Adult Content

Exoclick Advertising Formats

  • In-Page Push Notification 
  • Mobile Fullpage Interstitial 
  • Multi-Format Ads 
  • Desktop Fullpage Interstitial 
  • Push Notifications 
  • Email Clicks 
  • Outstream Video 
  • InStream Video Ads 
  • Video Sliders 
  • Video banners 
  • In-Video Banner (VAST) 
  • Popunders 
  • Native interstitials 
  • Native Exit 
  • Native recommendation 
  • Display banner 
  • Sticky banner 
  • Large footer 
  • Direct links 
  • Mobile Instant message 

Exoclick Review: Drawbacks

  • The CPM rates are very low. 
  • Advertisers decide whether or not your website is appropriate for their campaign.

How to Begin with Exoclick

  • Exoclick's official website can be found here. 
  • Sign up using Facebook or your email address. 
  • Check your email and go to the Exoclick site. 
  • Approve your website by submitting it. 
  • Copy the code from Exoclick once you've received approval. 
  • Once you've pasted the code into your website, it will begin to display an ad.

Review of Exoclick: Final Thoughts

Exoclick is quickly becoming one of the most important actors in the advertising ecosystem. Although it is designed specifically for Adult content, the platform also provides quality control, fraud and bot protection for their advertisers and authors.

Following our thorough examination of Exoclick, we can safely say that Exoclick is a viable ad network for Adult stream websites.